here are several options for reaching Polonezköy:

  1. By Private Vehicle:

    • Via Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge: Use the bridge’s Kavacık exit. Once in Kavacık, turn right and follow the road towards Riva, following signs for Polonezköy.
    • From Ümraniye Sarıgazi Exit: Enter the old Şile road from this exit on the TEM highway, head towards Alemdağ, then follow directions towards Cumhuriyet Köyü and turn left to reach Polonezköy.
    • Through Beykoz: Travel via Toygar, Mahmut Şevket Paşa, and Üçpınarlar areas, heading south to Polonezköy​​.
  2. By Public Transport:

    • Bus 137 (Kavacık -Beykoz-Riva-Cumhuriyet Köyü): This bus goes to Cumhuriyet Köyü, which is 4 km from the center of Polonezköy.
    • Bus 138 (Ümraniye-Beykoz): Also travels to Cumhuriyet Köyü.
    • D1 Bus (Polonezköy-Üsküdar/Kadıköy): Operates on weekends, connecting Kadıköy and Üsküdar with Polonezköy. The trip takes about 110 minutes​​​​.
    • Minibus and Dolmuş Options: There are minibuses and dolmuş services from the Beykoz area to Polonezköy, with fares ranging approximately between ₺12.00 – ₺20.00​​.

These transportation options can be considered for a convenient journey to Polonezköy. It’s advisable to check the schedules of public transport beforehand, especially considering the day and time of your travel.

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