1. Sources and Entry of Cadmium into the Body

Cadmium frequently seeps into our environment from sources like batteries, plastics, and agricultural chemicals. This element can easily enter our bodies, particularly through plastic water bottles and various household items.

2. Impact of Cadmium on Cells

Once inside the body, cadmium disrupts the normal functioning of cells, accumulating in fat tissues and leading to various health issues.

3. Arsenic: The King of Poisons

Arsenic, found among semi-metals, is known as the “King of Poisons”. It is often present in water sources and agricultural pesticides.

4. How Arsenic Enters the Body

Arsenic primarily comes from contaminated waters and the atmospheric release of plastics burning. This toxin has harmful effects on our bodies.

5. Effects of Arsenic in the Body

When arsenic enters the body, it can lead to appetite loss and nervous system disorders. Obesity and metabolic issues are also among arsenic’s effects.

6. Methods of Eliminating Heavy Metals from the Body

Heavy metals can be expelled from the body, especially through hydration and certain foods. Proper hydration and mineral intake are crucial in this process.

7. Foods and Drinks Effective in Expelling Heavy Metals

Water, crystal rock salt, silica-containing mineral waters, vitamin C, B vitamins, and vitamin D help in the elimination of heavy metals.

8. The Importance of Pickling

Natural fermented foods, especially cabbage and cauliflower pickles, play a significant role in cleansing the body of heavy metals. Pickles made with crystal rock salt are effective in detoxification.

9. Benefits of Tahini

Tahini, particularly when consumed in its pure form, is a significant food for overall health. Instead of combining it with molasses, tahini should be used naturally in various dishes.

10. Dangers of Cigarette Smoke

Heavy metals like cadmium and arsenic are also present in cigarette smoke. Avoiding exposure to cigarette smoke can prevent these metals from entering the body and help maintain overall health.

Conclusion: Protecting our bodies from the harmful effects of heavy metals is a fundamental part of living a healthy life. The consumption of the right nutrients, adequate water intake, and attention to environmental factors are critical in this process. Staying away from cigarette smoke and adopting natural dietary habits are essential steps. Start taking these steps today for a healthier future!

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