YouTube Shorts presents a lucrative opportunity for content creators in today’s digital landscape. The dynamic nature and broad reach of this short-form content provide a unique chance to create engaging and impactful videos. In this article, I will share five key strategies to boost the views of your YouTube Shorts. Whether you’re a novice content creator or an experienced YouTuber, these tips are invaluable!

1. Encourage Repeat Viewings

The first step to achieving high view counts is to encourage your viewers to watch your videos repeatedly. Statistics show that when viewers watch a video to the end and even replay it, both view durations and rates significantly increase. To achieve this, create content that sparks curiosity and includes surprises.

How to Achieve Repeat Viewings

  • Include elements that arouse curiosity and surprise your viewers. For instance, a magic trick or an unexpected outcome can prompt viewers to replay your video.

2. Leverage the Power of Subtitles

Using subtitles in your video can greatly enhance viewers’ understanding and increase viewing time. Colorful and eye-catching subtitles help make your video more engaging.

Tips for Effective Subtitles

  • Use colorful and bold fonts.
  • Choose subtitles that clearly reflect the subject and content of your video.
  • Ensure the subtitles complement and highlight the narration of your video.

3. Use Popular Music

In YouTube Shorts, music selection can significantly influence view counts. Using popular and trending music can extend your video’s reach to a wider audience.

How to Select the Right Music

  • Check YouTube’s Trending section for popular tracks.
  • Choose music that resonates with your audience and fits your video content.
  • Be aware of copyright issues and use appropriate platforms for adding music.

4. Follow the Trends

Staying updated with current trends and topics ensures your content remains relevant and engaging. Use tools like Google Trends to find out what topics are popular and shape your content accordingly.

How to Keep Up with Trends

  • Regularly check Google Trends and similar tools.
  • Analyze viral content on social media platforms.

5. Optimize Video Lengths

The ideal length for Shorts is typically between 20-25 seconds. This duration is sufficient to capture viewers’ attention without overwhelming them.

How to Determine the Ideal Length

  • Express your content succinctly without compressing too much.
  • Carefully plan the beginning and end of your video.


Applying these five strategies in your YouTube Shorts can significantly increase your view counts and engagement. Continuously improving your content and considering viewer feedback are key to ongoing growth. With these tips, you’re ready to make a mark on YouTube Shorts!

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