Fethiye, Muğla’s one of the unique beauties, enchants everyone with its sea, nature, and peaceful atmosphere. In this wonderful district, Kumburnu Beach, located in Ölüdeniz and also known as “Kumburnu Public Beach“, is a paradise corner where you can witness the unique harmony of green and blue. Situated in Ölüdeniz Nature Park, this stunning beach offers the chance to swim amidst the fragrant pine trees, enjoying a tranquil holiday.

The Blue Flag Ölüdeniz Kumburnu Public Beach’s season ranges from May 15 to September 30. Outside of these dates, some services may be limited. During this period, the beach offers its natural beauties, water sports, and other amenities at full capacity.


Kumburnu Beach


Discover the enchanting beauties of Ölüdeniz Kumburnu Public Beach! Here you will find detailed information about the beach’s features, location, and services!

Ölüdeniz Kumburnu Public Beach, selected as the “World’s Most Beautiful Beach” by Bild newspaper’s survey, is a place of breathtaking beauty. Ölüdeniz Town becomes a tourist hotspot with its population increasing to 50,000 during the summer season.

Location and Transportation Information

The beach is located 65 km from the airport and 2 km from the city center. The journey to the city center by public transportation takes approximately 5 km, enabling easy access for holidaymakers.

Beach Features

  • The beach is 50 m long and 15 m wide.
  • It’s a public beach situated right by the sea.
  • It consists of sandy, pebbly, and rocky areas.
  • There are wooden piers and concrete platforms.

This natural beauty is also preserved as an archaeological site area. However, it’s not designated as a sensitive area, a special environmental protection area, or a sea turtle nesting area.

Facilities for the Disabled

The beach offers a range of facilities for disabled visitors:

  • Disabled toilets are available on the beach.
  • Ramps for access are present.
  • Paid sunbeds and umbrellas are available for the disabled.
  • There are ramps and handles for sea access.

Sports and Entertainment

While there are no beach sports, various water sports options are available.

Kumburnu Beach hosts fun activities and is a lush paradise for nature lovers. This charming beach, spanning 2 kilometers, is a delightful spot for families and friend groups. You can brighten your holiday with activities like trekking, diving, swimming, and beach games, enjoying the magnificent views.

Kumburnu Beach

Kumburnu Beach features unique scenic views and two different sides. One side of the beach has an entrance fee, while the other side is free. The paid beach side has shallow waters and golden sands, whereas the free side has deeper waters but shallow enough not to exceed waist height. Both sides are suitable for non-swimmers and families with children.

Kumburnu Beach

If you plan to stay at Kumburnu Beach, you’ll find numerous hotels, guesthouses, and bungalow operations around. You can also choose to camp in the Ölüdeniz camping areas to immerse yourself in nature. However, remember that camping on Kumburnu Beach area is prohibited.

At the end of the day, Kumburnu Beach offers both tranquility and entertainment. Paragliding, yoga, diving, boat and canoe tours, photography, trekking, swimming, beach games, and many more activities await you.

Lastly, while enjoying this beautiful beach, remember to protect the environment and respect nature. Let’s preserve it and leave a beautiful world for future generations. So pack your bags and enjoy this lovely beach. Best wishes for a wonderful holiday!

<h2>KUMBURNU BEACH 2024 REVIEWS AND FACILITY FEES</h2> When reviewing the comments about Kumburnu Beach, it’s praised for its sea, nature, and air. However, some visitors have negatively remarked on its rocky nature and the sea’s immediate depth. There are also criticisms regarding cleanliness and paid toilets. But, the most striking comments are about the high prices.

Below we have listed all the prices in detail

  1. Two sunbeds and one umbrella: 400 – 600 TL (Varies by location)
  2. Parking fee: 150 – 200 TL (Varies according to reviews)
  3. Cabanas: 1500 – 3000 TL (Varies according to reviews)
  4. Toilet entry fee: 50 TL
  5. Beer: 200 TL
  6. Food: 300 – 500 TL range
  7. Small water: 30 TL
  8. You can use the sea and beach for free without using any of these services.

It’s been commented that these prices are quite high for local tourists. Particularly, the management’s practice of charging extra fees for various services has been a point of criticism. Overall, Kumburnu Beach’s natural beauties and clean sea receive praise, while there are criticisms about the prices and quality of some services.

Kumburnu Beach Transportation Map and Directions

**How to get to Kumburnu Beach?** Traveling from Muğla to Fethiye requires a journey of 2 hours and 15 minutes. From Fethiye center, the beach is only 16.8 kilometers away, a journey of about 30 minutes. If you prefer public transportation, you can easily reach Ölüdeniz from Muğla or Fethiye by buses.

Click on the Directions icon on the map to plot a route based on your location.


Places Around Kumburnu Beach

1. Babadağ Paragliding: Ölüdeniz, where Kumburnu Beach is located, is a world-renowned destination for paragliding. You can glide with the unique scenery by jumping off Babadağ.

2. Butterfly Valley: Located in Faralya Village, affiliated with Fethiye, this valley hosts various butterfly species and mesmerizes with its natural beauty.

3. Kayaköy: This historical village, where Greeks lived in the 18th century, is now open to visitors as an open-air museum.

Among accommodation options, various hotels and guesthouses are available in Ölüdeniz and Fethiye center. Some hotels and facilities near Kumburnu Beach:

  1. Liberty Hotels Lykia: This expansive hotel is considered one of the best accommodation options in Ölüdeniz. It offers a variety of room options, several restaurants, and a large beach area.
  2. Monta Verde Hotel & Villas: Known for its unique view and luxurious accommodation options, this hotel is located near the beach.
  3. Oludeniz Loft-Exclusive Accommodation: Known for its numerous pools and extensive gardens, this hotel offers a comfortable and luxurious stay.
  4. Suncity Hotel & Beach Club: Ideal for families with children, this hotel offers children’s pools and kids’ clubs.

Of course, aside from these hotels, there are many more hotels, guesthouses, and rental villa options to suit your budget. If you want to stay close to Kumburnu Beach, you can choose the accommodation options in Ölüdeniz. However, you can also easily reach Kumburnu Beach by staying in Fethiye center. Both areas offer a wide range of accommodation options.

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